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Letter: Helpful Local License Office Even Helps Fix Issue With Online Transaction

To the Editor:

As a follow up to the recent article [in the April 17 edition of the Herald] regarding upcoming proposed changes to the Missouri legislation regarding the Department of Revenue (DOR) and our local license bureau:

I recently renewed my license plates online, as suggested on my registration renewal notice.

I paid for a two-year renewal by credit card on April 15, 2019, and printed out a temporary receipt of transaction to carry in my car until my new plates/tags arrived.

As of today [May 28], I have not received my new plates or tags, so I called the DOR in Jefferson City. My current plates expire on May 31. I was advised to go into the local license bureau to get new plates, which I did today.

I want to commend the staff at the Ste. Genevieve License Office. My issue apparently circumvented their opportunity to be involved in the transaction, but they spent 20 minutes on the phone with Jeff City and were ultimately told I should have received my plates by now, but since I had not, they were advised to issue me new plates at no charge. They will not receive any compensation for doing this but they made it right for me, the consumer.

I have emailed Jefferson City about this situation and hope it brings some attention to what is happening to the small business owners who are trying to provide services to communities but are feeling the short end of the stick. To anyone considering renewing online, please think about the impact on the local license office and reconsider.

Linda Summers,

Ste. Genevieve County

[In the April 17 edition, Ste. Genevieve License Office operator Wayne Grusling expressed support for House Bill 584, which would have increased fees on transactions to help cover the expenses of running the offices. Grusling said without the increase, offices in small communities were at risk of closing. The bill passed the Missouri House but did not make it to a vote in the Missouri Senate this year.]

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