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New Ultraviolet Disinfection System To Be Purchased For Ste. Genevieve Wastewater Plant

The Ste. Genevieve Board of Aldermen during its meeting last Thursday approved the purchase of a $203,750 ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system for the city wastewater plant.

During his report earlier in the meeting, Steve Wilson, local manager for Alliance Water Resources, explained the need for the new system and answered questions.

“That system has been flooded numerous times,” Wilson said. “Flash floods, high creek levels, extended floods. We’ve always managed to fix it, to get it through. I think it was on September 5 or 8, at the end of last year’s disinfection season, it became flooded to the point where it was about $130,000 in damage. We had pumps going; everything we could do to protect it, we had it. It just wasn’t enough that day.”

The new system is from Enviro-Line and is designed to continue to operate, without damage, when submersed in water.

“I don’t want to point any fingers,” city manager Martin Toma said, “but why would you put a UV system in that isn’t flood-proof?”

“I wouldn’t,” Wilson said.

“Why do you think they did?” Toma asked. “Is it that much cheaper?”

“A little bit, yes,” Wilson said. “After much research, this is the only completely submersible unit that I found on the market.”

Wilson explained how the plant and the UV system are set up.

“The UV system is beside the creek, in a pit that’s 14 feet deep,” Wilson said. “So most of the time you are down in a hole in the ground, at creek level.”

Wilson also announced that the new water tower on Progress Parkway was in operation.

See complete story in the May 29 edition of the Herald.

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