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Discussion Of Ste. Genevieve Budget Priorities Centers On 2016 Survey Results, Economic Development

Economic development was the most frequently discussed topic when the city of Ste. Genevieve Board of Aldermen held its second budget work session last Thursday.

The board had favored moving from its traditional incremental budgeting approach to the more challenging priority-based budgeting method. The first step in this method is to determine and clarify the vision or results desired, then to establish funding priorities.


With that in mind, city administrator Martin Toma went over results of a city survey he had conducted in 2016. He added, though, that priority-based budgeting could be abandoned at any time should the board decide it would rather go back to the traditional means of adjusting each department’s budget figures from the previous fiscal year.

“We don’t have to continue to go down this path,” he said. “We can go back to looking at line items and considering budgets in a more traditional way.”

He said 100 people responded to that 2016 survey.

See complete story in the May 29 edition of the Herald.

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