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Valle Alum Encourages Students To Dream Without Limitations

The Valle Catholic Schools Foundation hosted Valle graduate Julie Murphy Finn in its second spring Lunch and Learn Speaker Series.

The program promotes and encourages the Valle student body to dream big and to better understand all the diverse opportunities that are possible in a changing world.

“The greater exposure we are able to provide the students at Valle Catholic, the more open and prepared they will be to make the important decisions that await them after their education at Valle,” said Cindy Loida, president of the Valle Catholic Schools Foundation. “We continue to send exceptional students out into the world who have the skills to do well, but also the moral compass to do good.”

Murphy Finn is a 1989 graduate of Valle Catholic who received her degree from St. Louis University. She currently works for Kit Bond Strategies, where she is the director of economic development and governmental affairs. She captured the attention of the Valle students by explaining her individual journey, growing up in Ste. Genevieve and how Valle was a cornerstone of encouragement and support that helped her understand the importance of hard work, finding  your passion, and dreaming big. Murphy Finn told the students that when you dream big, sometimes it is intimidating and you will be afraid, but stay true to your dream and persevere.

“You will find that being a graduate of Valle Catholic Schools means that you will have a wonderful support group of other Valle Catholic graduates around the world who will always be there for you,” Murphy Finn said. “Throughout my professional career and personal life, being part of ‘The Valle Family’ has meant so much to me and my family. Be faithful, believe in yourself, and wake up every morning remembering the values you learned while a student at Valle Catholic. I hope that if you remember anything today, you remember this message.”

(Information in a release from the Valle Catholic Schools Foundation.)

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