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Letter: Local License Office Serves Important Role

To the Editor:

I sure hope the problems regarding [funding for] the license bureau are solved. I’m sure willing to pay more to use their service.

Several years ago, I used the one at Festus. Once, I had all the paperwork that was needed, but the clerk there gave me such a hard time I walked out and vowed I would not return.

It is always a pleasure to use Mr. Wayne Grusling’s bureau.

I urge all Ste. Genevieve people to use it also.

It would help to contact State Senator Gary Romine and District 116 State Representative Dale Wright. Let’s make sure we do our part to help keep Wayne in his license bureau.

Jim Gibson,


[Editor’s Note: The State Legislature is considering a bill to increase fees in the state’s license offices. Grusling’s reasons for supporting the bill were reported in the April 17 edition of the Herald.]

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