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ELECTION RESULTS: Prop P Passes In Ste. Gen.; Jokerst, Rozier Win

Proposition P, the public safety property tax increase of $0.2684 per $100 of assessed valuation, passed by a margin of 44 votes in the Municipal Election on Tuesday, April 2.

The proposition had 335 votes in favor (53.5 percent) and 291 votes against (46.5 percent).

Police chief Eric Bennett had estimated the tax will collect about $170,000 per year, which he said will be dedicated to increase the salaries of his officers.

In contested races in Ste. Genevieve on Tuesday, Michael Buck” Jokerst won re-election in Ward 2 and Jack Rozier won the race in Ward 3.

Jokerst was on the ballot with two others who had filed but then expressed in interest in formally withdrawing from the race. Jokerst earned 107 votes (79.3 percent), while Marsha Akins received 15 votes (11.1 percent) and Gretchen Roth received 13 votes (9.6 percent).

Rozier earned 120 votes (65.2 percent) in Ward 3 to succeed Donnie Stuppy, who opted not to run for re-election. Mike Raney drew 66 votes (35.3 percent).

Susie Johnson was unopposed in Ward 1 to succeed John Mooney and Bryant Wolfin was unopposed in Ward 4 to succeed Randy Ruzicka.

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