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Public Input Needed In Order To Pursue Grant For Walking Trail In City Park

How to solicit public input on potential park improvements took up much of the city of Ste. Genevieve Parks and Recreation Board’s March 25 meeting.

City administrator Martin Toma had previously discussed pursuing a state grant to widen the walking trail in Pere Marquette Park with the board. One of the requirements to be considered for the grant is to have evidence of public participation.

The estimate on widening the trail to five feet was $85,000.

The board considered various aspects to soliciting public input.

Park board member Mark Buchheit read off five possible questions that could be in a survey: “The first question would be ‘How would you rate each of the following amenities on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being incredible and 5 being least-rated. Then you’ll have the walking trail, the children’s playground equipment, exercise equipment, the pavilions, ball fields, disc golf, the skate park and restrooms.

“The second question is ‘What would you like to see more of in our parks?’” Buchheit said.

Another question would ask whether the city parks provide easy access for all — including those with disabilities or special needs.

“How often do you visit our city parks and which one do you visit most often?” could also be asked, Buchheit said.

The final question would be a request for specific comments and suggestions on the parks.

Vice chair Lauren Smothers warned that unrealistic desires might be turned in on the question asking what additions patrons would like to see.

“People just don’t understand that we don’t have money,” she said.

Toma asked if the survey would be conducted in person.

“We’re going have to figure out how to do that,” board chair John Conard said.

Various ideas were considered.

See complete story in the April 3 edition.

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