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SGMS Students Honored For Leadership Traits

Ste. Genevieve Middle School teachers in February nominated students who showed leadership through one of the seven habits the school promotes to its students. These habits are part of the Leader in Me program, which helps develop students’ leadership skills through proven classroom techniques and social emotional learning systems.

The award-winning students all showed leadership through Habit No. 5: “Seek first to understand, then be understood.”

This includes listening to others’ ideas and feelings and then trying to see things from their perspective. Students should first listen without interrupting and then feel confident in voicing their ideas.

The honored students were:

Eighth Grade — Emily Allebach. Nomination: “Emily does a great job seeing other’s viewpoints and creates good class discussions with her classmates.”

Seventh Grade — Gwendalyn McKlin. Nomination: “Gwen consistently hears others out and offers input when needed. She understands when people need to vent at times.”

Sixth Grade — Sophia Huck. Nomination: “Sophia is willing to help others and realizes their strengths. She offers her assistance when they need it.”

These habits included in the Leader in Me program are from Sean Covey’s “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens.”

(Information in a release from Ste. Genevieve R-II School District.)

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