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St. Mary Fire Chief Asks Residents To Notify City Hall Before Burning

City of St. Mary fire chief Frank Ullman asked residents who plan to burn leaves or brush to contact city hall at 573-543-2279 so that he can be made aware of it.

He said the department was called out to investigate a fire where someone was burning leaves but had not notified the city.

“It would be nice if the public would call city hall,” Ullman said during last Thursday’s Board of Aldmermen meeting. “That way I know they’re burning and central [dispatch] isn’t calling me to investigate a fire.”

Ullman said that would prevent the city from rolling out its firetrucks to a controlled brush fire.

He also reminded residents of related regulations:

  • No burning after dark unless it’s in a burn pit.
  • No burning of trash.
  • No burning when winds are more than 15 miles per hour.

“If someone is burning big brush piles, I would like to know about it” to make sure it is not located near power lines or structures, Ullman said.

(Information from the Board of Aldermen meeting on March 14.)

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