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Monia Wants Assurances For Rotor No. 2 Repairs

Bloomsdale Mayor Paul Monia suggested during last week’s Board of Aldermen meeting that the ongoing problem with rotor No. 2 at the city’s wastewater plant be tabled until a couple of issues are addressed.

The rotor was rebuilt three years ago, and Monia noted last summer that “it’s not run right since.”

Rotor No. 1, meanwhile, has been operating with little or no trouble since 1982.

“I do have an active bid for  Rotor No. 2,” Monia told the board last week. “However, in order for me to move forward with a motion to accept this bid, I am lacking two very important things.

“I want a better manufacturer’s warranty, and without a doubt, it’s going to overproduce oxygen, compared to what we have. But I want that also in writing, and he couldn’t get that information to us soon enough.”

The aldermen agreed to table the topic.

See complete story in the March 20 edition of the Herald.

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