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Koehler Reports On Progress With Dredging, Rip-Rap Placement

Dredging of the New Bourbon Port harbor and placing rip-rap on the Riverside Levee are both moving along, Chris Koehler of Koehler Engineering reported during the February 27 New Bourbon Regional Port Authority board meeting.

Magruder Construction was about ready to tackle the dredging, Koehler said.

“They have the pieces of the dredge back and they’ve got it put back together and they are supposed to start dredging tomorrow,” he reported. “They ran a little bit longer getting the pieces than they thought, but they think in two weeks they’ll be 100 percent done.”

He noted that he would have to certify the work once it is completed.

Board chairman Ron Inman said he would like to see Koehler do so “in the next day or two” after it is completed.

“The good thing that’s going happen,” Inman said, “with that river jumping back down to 15 foot [at the Chester, Illinois gauge], they’ll be able to really see where they’re at in there.”

Likewise, things are going well with CE Contracting’s rip-rap job to shore up the levee, which was recently rebuilt after the Mississippi River broke through in December 2015 and again in the spring of 2016.

See complete story in the March 6 edition of the Herald.

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