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Special Road District A Plans To Pave Industrial River, Roth Quarry Roads

Overlaying a section of Industrial River Road and paving the remainder of Roth Quarry Road will be Special Road District A’s top priority as spring draws near.

Two residents of Roth Quarry Road had stopped by prior to the February 12 meeting of the Special Road District A board to request the paving.

When the board reached “old business” on the meeting agenda, chairman Paul Arnold said the road should be a priority.

“It sounds like it would help them,” road foreman Paul Bauman said.

They agreed that the section would be from one mile to 1.2 miles long. …

Bauman and board members drove on the district’s roads in January to get a better idea of what the 2019 priorities should be.

Arnold asked Bauman if he thought the Industrial River Road section where it meets White Sands Road was a priority.

“I was looking at that the other day,” Bauman said. “We need to do that for sure; it’s bad. I think we ought to come the other way, too … then going back to Chemical Lime. While we’re there, we might just as well do that because that’s getting busted up back there.”

They agreed that with the heavy trucks using that section, a three-inch overlay would be preferable to the normal two-inch overlay. The distance on Industrial River Road would be between three-quarters of a mile and nine-tenths of a mile.

Bauman suggested that with the Route M/Quarrytown Road intersection being widened, it would be good to overlay Quarrytown Road from the intersection, then hit Bourbon Road, which intersects with Quarrytown Road.

See complete story in the February 20 edition of the Herald.

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