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Bloomsdale Aldermen Hire Wegmann Law Firm, Table Animal Rescue Proposal

The Bloomsdale Board of Aldermen passed a resolution during its February 12 meeting naming Wegmann Law Firm as city attorney.

The board also tabled a request by Dr. Tracey Anheuser for help in finding a building to use for housing rescue animals.

City clerk Lynnette Randoll reported that Anheuser, of Fourche Valley Rescue, is seeking a building in which to house rescue animals.

 “I was approached about an animal shelter/rescue for Bloomsdale,” Monia said. “and how could we move forward with this.”

He said he sees it as more of a county issue than a city one.

“You’ve got to get [Presiding Commissioner] Garry Nelson involved, get the commissioners involved,” Monia said, “so you can make it a community for the entire county, not just the city. The city’s not going to fund this, and I don’t expect the county either. But the county would have more interest in funding this than the city would and would have a lot more resources for funding this. They’re the ones that pay the sheriff’s department; they’re the ones that pay the existing shelter in Ste. Genevieve.”

The shelter at the Sheriff’s Office was established when the Law Enforcement Sales Tax passed, making Ste. Genevieve the first county to have such a facility, which is located on the Sheriff’s Office property on Basler Drive.

Monia expressed doubt in the viability of the idea for Bloomsdale.

See complete story in the February 20 edition of the Herald.

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