With the number of miles of gravel roads dropping drastically, the Ste. Genevieve County Commission looked at its road grader options at the April 27 meeting.

With a goal of paving 20 miles of road this year, the county would be down to just 80 miles of gravel roads to maintain.

“Do we need to buy another one?” Presiding Commissioner Garry Nelson asked. “We have 100 miles of road now and hopefully 80 miles after this year. Can two graders do 80 miles? We had four graders when we were doing 180 to 190 miles.”

He noted that graders are smaller now, but they have four-wheel drive.

First District County Commissioner Randy Bahr said he believed two graders would suffice. Second District County Commissioner Joe Gettinger suggested the county “hang onto a third one for a few years.”

The county currently has three graders. The oldest one was bought in October 2012. The county gets its graders and backhoes through a government program in which equipment dealers must include a guaranteed buy-back price after five years — assuming less than 5,000 miles are put on the grader.

See complete story in the May 3 edition of the Herald.