River Over Highway 61

Highway 61 south of Ste. Genevieve was closed last week as floodwater filled the Big Field protected by Levee District 2. The district intentionally breached its levee based on crest projections, and another unintentional breach took place just north of the River aux Vases. The Mississippi River reached 46.52 feet on the Chester (Illinois) gauge on June 10. (Herald staff photo)

The crest projection for the Mississippi River jumped around last week, from 46 feet, down to 45,7, back over 46 feet, but on Monday afternoon, the river reached a mark of 46.52 feet on the gauge at Chester, Illinois.

The National Weather Service’s Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service forecast the crest to fall from there, potentially dipping back below 40 feet on Wednesday, June 19.

The river forecasts take into account predicted rainfall for up to 24 hours from when the projections are made.

At 46.52 feet, the crest surpassed the 45.99-foot crest of January 2, 2016, to become the second-highest mark of all-time behind the 49.74-foot mark of August 7, 1993.

(Information from the National Weather Service website.)