Heavenly Hair

Jason Stackle and Ashley Crowley-Stackle cut the ribbon last month to officially open the Heavenly Hair Boutique at its new location in a renovated house at 996 Market Street. (Herald staff photo)

When Ashley Crowley-Stackle was looking for a bigger space to relocate Heavenly Hair Boutique from its space on Merchant Street, she had something old in mind.

“My dream was to have an old house with more amenities, so this was perfect,” she said following last month’s ribbon-cutting ceremony through the Ste. Genevieve Chamber of Commerce.

Perfection was found at 996 Market St., in an old house that had become infamous as one pictured in a Time magazine story about the rate of poverty in Ste. Genevieve County.

Stackle and her husband Jason fell in love with the place as soon as realtor Jen Ditch showed it to them. They bought it the same day. And then they left for Florida for a pre-planned vacation with friends.

“We actually cut our vacation two days short because we so eager to get ready and get working on it,” Ashley Crowley-Stackle said. “We’ve been here mornings, evenings, when my husband is off work, when I’m off work.

“We were overwhelmed but we had each other.”

Jason Stackle said he knew the building would take a lot of work, but he and his wife were proud of the results.

“We’re very proud of it,” Ashley Crowley-Stackle said. “We love it. Two months felt like two years, but we have it done.”

See complete story in the October 9 edition of the Herald.